An idiosyncrasy in the Forum mgmt system

This is just a FWIW to the admins.

This morning I noticed a thread entitled “For we Syncing ‘Idiots’” with a “last post” date of 7/24/2016 (see screen cap below). Curious, I opened it only to find that the last post was actually 2/2/2012, and the thread did not apply to iOS at all. (see the other cap).

Just a FWIW…


The screenshot you posted does not corroborate what you are saying here. It corroborates that the last post was a current one, not one from 2012.

You are confusing the poster’s Joined date with the item post date. The Joined date is over on the left with the other user info. The posting date is under the header of the line item.

And, by the way, that post does concern iOS Scrivener in the sense that the OP was trying to get (Dropbox) sync with ios Scriv to work and was sharing what they figured out.


P.S. I make this mistake all the time still after many years on the Forum. The Joined date is just more salient than the posting date in the layout (because your eye always goes to the left to check who is posting the comment, but you are never looking at the item’s header, because the header is pretty much redundant info).