An indicator in the binder for "is not in compile" list

If a folder and/or text does not have the “include in compile” box checked, then it would be very nice if that could somehow be indicated in the binder.

I use the Outliner for this, because you can add the Include checkbox as a column. The nice thing is you can change it right there in the outline if there is a mistake. The matter of putting this information into the binder is tougher, visually. You wouldn’t want something to be too bold, like overstrike, since that makes things hard to read, and messing with the icon has other problems since they are dynamic.

Italic? That would be unobtrusive.

It should be an option, of course. But I very often felt the same wish as jwnelson.

Thank you for opening my eyes once again to an aspect of Scrivener that I had overlooked! I will definitely experiment with that feature!

You can already set folders to be italicised, so this would clash. If anything, it should be a little “x” in the icon, but I’m not sure, because it would be yet another thing in the icons, and it might be confusing when appearing in items outside the Draft (which can still be compiled using Collections).

All the best,

Good points again. :smiley:

A little red ‘X’ in the corner is in fact what I have used in the past as a custom icon in my projects, to mean not included. Once that feature arrives to the Windows versionyou’ll be able to do similar—or use other icons that depict items which are meant to be notes. If you know a yellow pad of paper is a chapter note then you also know it won’t compile.