An Interesting Turn of Events

I had an interesting turn of events today.
I was catching up on listing minor character, lest I create two with the same name or a similar sounding name and renaming others I’ve never been comfortable with, when my machine froze after 3 hours.
By this time, I’d done a number of renames and role definitions.
The only solution was to switch-off.
When I turned back on, and went into Scrivener, the list I’d been working on from various documents was in its three-hour old form.
I closed Scrivener and the latest backup came back with last night’s save.
I restarted Scrivener and noted all the document I’d worked on in their old form still.
Then a miracle happened, my work of the last three hours started appearing again, so what else could I do, except terminate Scrivener when it was done and let it all backup like normal. Hallelujah.
Who knows where it all saved to when the machine froze and was switched-off or how it started rebuilding itself.

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We were hoping to keep it a secret, but interdimensional rifts have indeed been unstable lately and have been drifting around somewhat. We have this under control. Stay calm. There really is no need to panic. It’ll all be back to normal soon.
Please report to the memory correction center of your convenience.


They don’t believe us.
We bring the good news of Scrivener inexplicably getting its mojo working and they don’t believe us.
We’re going back to news that’s exciting… bad news, very bad news!


We have liked your post although we honestly don’t understand it.
Because all is fine.
All is fine.
And soon will be even better.
No longer will this be cause of sadness to you.

Please report to the memory correction center of your convenience.

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Ah, the post-[whatever “intellectual” institutions have labelled the] era.
It’s easier to convince ChatGPT.
It at least apologises when I point out probabilities and mends its ways.

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