An introduction?

Hi! I’m new to the site/ Scrivener. I’m 18 (hope I’m not that young compared to others on the site).

I’ve been writing on and off since grade 8. I’ve had a few poem win contests (one going all the way, winning the “Ontario secondary English teachers writing award” which was cool). I’ve just recently started writing seriously. I’ve written a play that I’m currently editing (need to get it ready because it is going on stage in 2 months :open_mouth: ) and I’m working my first full length novel.

hope to meet up with some other teen writers here…but if not, thats ok too!

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome aboard! rat (aka vid-k) will make the appropriateness of that particular greeting clear.

I am afraid that Wock, vic-k (and his multiple personalities), and I are the minority here. While we are able to add confusion and obfuscation to clearest of statements, I am obliged to inform you that just about everyone else here are writers. Some may argue the validity of that statement so I will simply leave the forum contents as evidence.

And congratulations on the production of your play.

Nice to meet ya!
i kind of had a hunch that most members of this site were writers. :stuck_out_tongue:
i just consider myself lucky, not a writer: stupid words just keep coming to me and i throw them on paper (or faux computer paper. aka screen) they just happen to turn out!

and i’m going to have to look up that ‘obfuscation’ word…

Look for a post by alexwin and read the signature. If you are inspired then you ARE lucky, but if you complete the job you are writing. That is the way i read it anyway.

I think you may want to take that to heart with the tecno-ADD thing as well. I struggle with it all day long (I am an IT guy). One of the hardest things to learn to do is to jsut sit down and do the work. Learning how to do that will save you lots of hard leasons later in life.

Keep up the work and it will pay off.

Now get back to writing!!


actually…its my ‘friend’ with the add :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding.

but yes…i’ve spent too much time online already! thanks for the advice.

gets back to work

wish me luck

Mr Eric,
We all make mistakes. Some of us learn from them, some, on the other hand, become recidivistic, to a fault. You made one when you joined the crew of The Good Ship Scrivener. You should jump ship now, before it`s too late, which will be when the vapours carrying the stench of procrastinatia and auto-suggestive obfuscation, enter your lungs, thence your bloodstream.

Should you choose to disregard this advice, as is your prerogative, you could do worse than make the acquaintance of sebbi, who, it would appear, is, on many counts, your twin :wink:

Im Fluff by the way, vic-ks cat. My human, vic, is indisposed at the moment, suffering a severe case of withdrawal, as a consequence of the actions of other crew members, dabbling with forces from the dark side.

Welcome aboard Eric.
Take care,

Dear Fluff

thanks for the welcome and the advice. i wish to say at this time that you are the only talking cat i have ever had the privilege of talking to.

regarding your warning though: meeting new people is always good for a writer. this site is also a wealth of information. so for now i will respectfully go against your advice.

who is sebbi by the way?


ps: a nice cup of white tea is always good for the withdrawal.

Hya Eric and welcome aboard!

My only advice is to meet discouragement with resolve and fortitude and also be prepared for late nights and food shortages. :slight_smile: If nothing else be stubborn and open minded when it comes to your writing and if nothing else write then critique but never stop putting thoughts to words.

Alas the only thing you age may differ in is when you saddle up to the SCR bar a midship. I am afraid whilst the liquor and beer flows freely you must satisfy yourself with a soda instead. (No to worry though when no one is looking we might slip a we snip of good ole shine in yer soda to fight of the chill as we sail the seas of imagination.)

Here you will meet many different people. Some have wit as sharp as a pirates saber (vic-k), some harness the power of language so eloquently, using words I cannot even pronounce (Jaysen) and some have a technical knowledge higher than God (KB, AV), some motivate us with inspiration and wow (Alex). And some like myself manage to abuse the english language worse than a drunken teenager with a lisp and a puberty malfunction. (I don’t write I spew).

The list could go one for hours of the many different styles and faces you will see on this ship but I can tell you one thing everyone has in common. Everyone here is good people. They will strive to help, to advise, and to further everyone in their writings, dreams, and goals. It is a community that even in disagreement never uses harsh words for a rebuttal.

We welcome you Eric here were age maters not but rather imagination and individuality. Support thy fellow SCR users and enjoy your talents in a world that knows no creative restrictions.

In the end it does not matter how well you write, or if you ever publish, it only matters that you enjoy it.

haha thanks much!

but aboard the ‘good ship scrivener’ i shall be the official tea drinker if thats ok with all of you.

you touched on something that i’ve felt (and i’ve only been a member for a few days): this site is full of good people. and i think i’ll have a wonderful time on deck.

thanks for the welcome!

Eric, my young friend,
I come as the harbinger of bad tidings :frowning:

Im afraid the crown of Scriveners Official Tea Drinker, is worn, already, by Alexandria, one of the Portland lurkers. A fanatical, voracious, and vociferous imbiber, of the humble brew. Of course you could exercise humbleness and humility, by doffing your cap and tugging your forelock, as you drop to your knee in her presence, and you ask to become her pageboy. :wink:
Do take Care Eric

so the official tea drinker’s pageboy?

i could settle for that.

what benefits to the job? do i get dental?

M`sieur Eric.
Ignore le chat blanc, she is a trouble maker!

La belle Alexandrie, is a passionate woman. An amenable Goddess who loves the occasional…how you say?.. long sensuous nibble of the neck…oui? Offer her your services, and she will probably let you share her crown :wink:
Le D :smiling_imp:

I hear she has a treasure trove of Crock Pots…

I wonder if that is her secret to brewing tea.

Tea brewed in a Crock Pot? Hmmm…

…crock pot tea? you are a strange bird aren’t you wock? (get it? strange bird-bird avatar? oh i’m so witty!)

and to Le D:

how do i put this… oh, i have it! : i’m not giving sexual favors for the title of 'good ship Scrivener’s Tea Drinker".

thanks for the…um…advice? anyways. :unamused: :mrgreen:

Msieur Eric, Le nibble of the neck, eez not a sexual favour...tis a sensual pleasure 8) LeD :smiling_imp:

ah oui monseur Le’D

pardone moi. ma francais est ne pas tres bien!

i assume there is a fine line between sexual favor and sensual pleasure… gets ready to nibble neck :laughing:

Mister Eric,
Do not believe a word, the pseudo-French deviant says to you. His re-incarceration is imminent, and he knows it. He wants to cause mayhem beforehand. Any attempt on you part at nibbling the Tea Queens neck, will undoubtedly result in her Knee-dropping you. :cry:
Ignore Le D! Goodness knows what Mommy will think, if she finds out about the company you`re keeping, onboard Scriv! :open_mouth:
Do Take Care Mr Eric

Little Fluff

oh Fluff, tis just a few nibbles.

but i will have to say that you do seem more level headed then Le’ D…

oh. my cat says hello (it’s name is Bob…and is a female…)

Scene:   Deep south Eden. Lush tropical climate,
         where there is no death or sickness. Man
         and woman lounging under a tree. A snake 
         smiles in the backgroud

Eve:   Dang! That were good!
Adam:  What are you talking about woman?
Eve:   This here frew'it.
Adam:  I don' think we was supposed ter ate tha 'un?
Eve:   It's just a few nibbles!

I believe I have made my case.

That is why Shine was invented…