"An older item named "Scrivener" already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one....."

I have version 2 and have several works in ver 2 already. I bought the license for version 3. Should I keep both version 2 and version 3? If I keep only version 3, will I be able to retrieve the works created in version 2?
PS. It’s my real name. Swiss/French mother, German father.

Version 3 will open projects created with Version 2.

It’s a very significant upgrade. I would recommend sticking with Version 2 for any projects that have an imminent deadline.


Thanks, No deadline, Works still in progress. But it sounds like you are recommending keeping versions separate? That is fine; I just don’t want to lose the work I have in Ver 2 if I install Ver 3 and it overwrites Ver 2 and my files. I will be livid.

It won’t overwrite your files. It will convert them the first time you open them, first making a backup copy in your live directory :slight_smile: The simple solution to the message you posted as your thread title is: Rename your current Scrivener app to “Scrivener 2” Now Install will not attempt to overwrite it,

I would suggest that if you sync your projects with iOS Scrivener, that move your projects OUT of dropbox before letting Scriv 3 convert them, then move only the converted projects back. It will cost you some time to re-sync the newly converted projects, but it’s easy to get confused with the older projects. Also, your older projects will STILL be synced as long as they’re in Dropbox, taking up space on your iOS device and slowing sync down for ALL projects unnecessarily.

Hope this helps!

Your work is stored separately from the Scrivener application and will not be “overwritten” no matter what you decide.


Thanks, all. Great advice. I installed 3, opened my project, which the software converted. [whew]. Remember J. K. Rowling left her manuscript on a train/plane? Bono’s (U2 lead singer) computer with his music and poems was stolen or misplaced. Both had happy endings.