an online movie on how to become wizardly with Scrivener

Has anyone here made a movie on the way they write a novel, or whatever, with Scrivener?

I’m playing with creating an imaginative imovie on my process of discovering how to thrive in Scrivener Land. I’m not sure how far I’ll go with this project, but for now, I’m enjoying the process- and playing with evocative images and ideas is helping me remember certain Scrivener treasures that I do not wish to ever forget. Thus far the conjuring process is more in my mind than in i-movie, but the idea impelled me to wish to ask if anyone else had done this.

Hope today is particularly auspicious.

Thank you


If you make a movie you will have to have a pirate ship.

It is a must.


You are so write/right and what will the pirate ship represent to you?

Thank you


Scrivener of course.

The analogy goes something like this. Scrivener is this pirate ship. Each of us on these forums are on this ship. KB (Team Keith!) is the Captain of this Ship. Mysterious HAL/David (DMJ) is First Mate. AmberV is the Navigator/Tech Specialist and the rest of us spend time in the Galley bellying up to the bar to get roaring drunk, telling tall tales, procrastinating in the Galley instead of staying in our rooms and actually writing, and of course socialize and wonder at the booty we all share in being a part of (using) scrivener.

(evidence of our farce)

or something like that.

That was fun to read.

I quite like pirate ships. No wonder I enjoy and appreciate it here.