An online save folder (eg: Drive/Dropbox)

I jump between two different household computers to write (desktop/laptop). As a result, I do my drafting in google drive so I can access it more freely, and then do my revision in scrivener which means I have to pick a computer and stick with it. It’d make my life so much easier if I could access my novel regardless of which computer I’m at. I know there are work around ways (USB, email, ect) but at the end of the day that’s a lot of hassle and not a lot of security, and scrivener just allowing me to do it in program would be amazing.

Over time, the use of Dropbox has been proven to be quite reliable as a location to keep your projects while you work on them. Just install the dropbox client program on your computer, and then move your entire project (on Windows, that’s the .scriv folder and all its contents) to the Dropbox folder. Work on it from there, and you’re good to go.

Be sure to follow the guidelines here to avoid sync conflicts:

Do NOT use Google Drive to as the Sync-service for your live projects though. Drive is known to corrupt Scrivener projects.



I use Dropbox and have right from the start when I first purchased Scrivener. I use it on Windows and on my iPad. Should I ever get a MAC, I’d be able to use it on there too. When working with multiple devices always remember to sync before your start and sync before you close your session. This ensures that you don’t have syncing conflicts.