An option to bring back the good old contextual menu

Am I the only person who hates the switch to icons-only in the contextual menu? (A switch that began a few versions ago and is now complete with 2.5.) I used Ctrl-click to do a lot of things – move a completed blog post to the DONE folder, convert a file of notes into a folder, duplicate a note before modifying it (this creates a new version a la Snapshots but unlike a snapshot these earlier versions are searchable). And so on.

I have changed icons about three times in seven years of using Scrivener. I don’t care about icons at all. But I did really like being able to click on the object of my attention and do something to it. Now I have to make sure I have got the right file highlighted and then rummage about in the menus to find what I need. Meh.

Am I really alone here? Is everybody else so much more interested in changing the podium to a lightbulb that they don’t care about the other contextual menu items?

If I am not alone, could we have an option in Preferences to keep the old contextual menu?


If you’re only seeing icons, then it’s simply because you are Ctrl-clicking on the icon. If you Ctrl-click anywhere else in the title row, you get the same contextual menu as always, as specified in the release notes.

Ohhhhh. Um. Right. Well, then. A prime case of RTFM, I guess.

Thanks, Keith, as always, and sorry about that.


Ha, no problem!

Hmm, actually in this case I had it in my mind that feature would be pushed back to a later release, so there is nothing in the manual to RTFM with. I’ll get that fixed.