An option to make opened links appear in the note pane.

As the title says, I click on links in the document, they appear in a note pane on the right of the screen.

… or I could just arrange the split window horizontally …

I’ll give that a go …

Yeah. :slight_smile: I think that would be better. Opening text documents into parts of the interface that are meant for entirely different things would get awfully confusing, I think. Just my opinion.

Mmm …

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work when the two windows are aligned vertically.

What do you mean? I just tried it and it works fine for me. What exactly happens? You have got “Open Scrivener links in alternate editor” checked in the Navigation preferences, right? (And “Automatically open newly created Scrivener links in alternate editor” for new links.)

Right, I’m away from Bessy at the moment so I’ll let you know this evening.

I arranged two panes side by side. I click on a link in the left pane, and the note is replaced in the left pane; I expected it to be replaced in the right hand one.

Let me get back home and check the settings again, just to be sure.

That definitely sounds as though you don’t have “Open Scrivener links in alternate editor” checked - that is the correct behaviour if that option is not selected.
All the best,

Nope. All correct as you said. Sorry to have troubled you …