An Outline That Accepts Imports and Moving Docs

I generally use the outline to organize/navigate my work, because it allows much more control over the order of documents than the Binder. But I sometimes stumble when moving documents about, or importing material, because Scrivener insists on using the Binder when I want to use the Outline.

Two examples: First, I want to drag a pdf file from a Finder window into the right part of my Scriv project. I drag it to the folder window that is visible in the outline. Nothing happens. Instead, I have to break off and find the relevant folder in the Binder. Delay and distraction. Or, second, I want to create a new document in a folder in which I am working in the outline. But the Binder focus is different, and so the document ends up somewhere else than where I want it. Again, delay and distraction.

So my humble wish-list request is for a Preference item that specifies that Outline trumps Binder for the position of new, moved and imported docs.

Scriv on,


Hi David,

This would be quite a major code undertaking because of the way things are currently set up, but it’s the sort of thing I might consider for 3.0. In the meantime, remember that you can use Reveal in Binder (opt-cmd-R) to show the current outliner item in the binder immediately.

All the best,

Hi, Keith,

That’s what I do, in fact. Thanks for considering for 3.0.

best wishes