An Underlined Scrivener Appears in Header

When I compile and print my document to pdf, in the header the underlined word Scrivener appears just after my book title. I can’t figure out how to get rid of this. I’ve searched through the Compile options with no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Should be in Page Settings, if the word is in the header…


Just realized: I’m still using a trial copy, about to purchase. Could that be why it’s appearing in the header?

The trial version is fully functional. Just time limited. So I doubt that’s the reason.

It appears on the header of every page? Or on left / right pages only? Is it left or right aligned or centred? What does the compile setting show for that specific header space? Sure that you haven’t got two elements in the same header space, with one pushed off far to the right, out of initial sight? If you delete (copy / cut) the recalcitrant header space and then do another compile as a test, does the word disappear?

Could you post screenshots of a sample of the compiled header and the compile Page Settings window for the relevant header space? Might help to see.

Base on your advice, I just typed the name of the project into the header line on the page settings dialog, instead of <$projecttitle>

I can sleuth it out later if I ever need it to reference using code. But for now, just entering the actual title seems to have worked.

Joy :wink: