An unusual requirement....

Hello all,

I have a (I think) unusual requirement,

I have a list of books entires in a kind of bibliography, Each book has its own file, with its title and other details forming the page’s title. In each book’s file I write notes about that book.

But how can I print a list of all these files’ titles only, so as to form a list of books? Maybe impossible?

Thank you!

Hi, you could go to the outliner view (CMD+3) and print that? Is that what you’re after?

Good idea but that gives more than just the page titles I think.It gives notes and things like status. mmm.

Go to File > Page Setup, then choose Scrivener from the drop down box at the top. In the new dialogue, go to the Outlines tab and you’ll be able to turn on or off various elements, including Notes etc — so you can print out just the titles if you want.

When you’ve done that, highlight the documents you want in the binder, cmd-3 to get the outline, then cmd-P to print.

If you want more control, then you can always compile the document.


Brookter, this is perfect.

It hightlights not only your knowledge but that Scrivener can indeed do the unexpected!

Thank you.

Glad it helped!