Analyzing legal requirements and preparing realization


some positive feedback how Scrivener (and Scapple) actually helps me with some new legal requirements.

Recently the Financial Office released about 40 pages describing changes and requirements, which are also important to me. On one hand it’s mandatory to comply, on the other hand it also helps me to understand what is already in good shape and what needs refinement: which supports my business in the end.

In a first step Scrivener’s Highlighters helped me to make relevant information more visible to me: color coding itself is a message :wink: Also noting down questions (as comments: shift+F4) is very useful in this case.

In a second step I use Scrivener to document my as-is situation, which I accompany with some Scapple-flowcharts. Later I can compare all requirements and will understand more easily, where my gaps are and what still needs to be done. In parallel I assemble issues, keywords and ideas to sketch content of final documents, which now became mandatory to provide.

So I became more optimistic to tame this monster :wink: At the moment by its very nature this task is merely paperwork rather than a project to manage, which may change further down the road. So Scrivener and Scapple are a good tool set for me, again :wink:

The alternatives to Scrivener aren’t so bright: use the yellow-only textmarker in Acrobat pdf’s on the Financial Offices release, or use pdf Xchange viewer for more colors, use one or more Word-documents for analysis and planning … and so on. Again, scrivener clearly has advantages when it comes to assisting text-based information processing.

Thanks for these wonderful tools.

Best regards,
Michael Schlüter