Ancillary iOS / Scrivener compatibility issue

Is there a version of Scrivener that works with iOS 5.1.1. ?
I have an old iPad and a work in progress that I would like to advance during my vacation.
What software even very simple, can I use on this iPad to then transfer my text from the Scrivener?
Thanks to whoever will tell me.

Unfortunately the oldest version we support is iOS 9, and that’s a pretty hard limit. That is when Apple introduced the rich text editing component that much of it depends upon. But, you would still have available to you the methods that were designed for mobile integration from the very start: refer to §14.3, Synchronised Folders, in the user manual PDF for Scrivener 3 for how to get that set up. The basic idea is that it will create files (.txt will probably be best) that can be loaded onto the device and edited with simple editors on the go. When you get back, you open the project and it syncs the changes into the project. Most people choose an editor that supports some kind of cloud sync, and then have Scrivener’s sync folder saved in a place that is synced from the Mac.

I have no idea what a good editor for you would be. Anything that can edit a plain text file is fine, and bonus points if it can edit files out of a sync folder of some sort. My go to plain text editor is Editorial, but I don’t know if they support back to iOS 5.

Thank you very much for your answer
I will watch