And here we were told Win3 would mirror Mac3

So what you are saying is that even though Win 3.0 is supposed to have all the features of Mac 3.0 that this Retry button wasn’t planned to be added to the Win3 version. INTERESTING!

I wonder how many other features are also not planned for Win3 that are in Mac3 even though they are supposed to be the same once going live. Not to mention all the new features and fixes that Mac3 has been given since it went live.

Seems basically that Win3 will never be a mirror of Mac3 as it will always be a few years behind and never contain the same features as it will always only contain what the developers pick and chose to add to WIn that has been in Mac for years. Will Win version ever catch up to a Mac version? I certainly doesn’t appear that there is the intention it will if they opening admit certain features have been in Mac but not planned for WIn unless someone points out a huge issue of it not being there and why it causes an issue.

In this case, I often keep my files on a thumb drive, but since I work on a laptop, I don’t like having that thumb drive hanging off the side for potential damage reasons. However, when I go to save or to exit the program and forget to plug the thumb drive back in, I would lose an entire days worth of work. Yeah, to say it is a feature that wasn’t planned to include in the Win version is a reflection on the value the company places on it’s Win customers. When all is said and done, I would love a Mac & WIn user (who is not a fan boy) to actually compare the two versions and list all the features and differences between the two versions. I am sure the list will be long as the versions are years apart.

Can I suggest before going off complaining, check out some of the background and a few facts.

The aim has always been to have the two versions as close as possible given the two very different operating systems and the significantly better development tools that come with MacOS.

it has nothing to do with value placed on customers with different operating systems and that suggestion is an insult to the L&L team. Also the fan-boy comment is an unnecessary insult to Mac users. Trying to pick a fight? Bit like me calling Windows users w.nkers, same level of insult.

The reason Mac has been ahead of Win is because Keith had a Mac when he saw the need for Scrivener and he single handedly taught himself and developed Scrivener. Windows came later I guess from customer requests and extra staff, I assume funded by the success of his Mac version. So no evil plot against the Windows heathen.

All that said, I run both Mac and Win and understand the considerable effort to bring Windows up to as close to parity as possible with a new development platform.

Having files on a thumb drive is an invitation to data loss in so many ways.

On top of that, MacOS has a lot of stuff ready-made for those that build third-party apps. Windows hasn’t. So send the complaints to Microsoft instead and persuade them to develop Windows to have feature parity with MacOS.

As a Windows user, I would ask you to not be so paranoid and ungrateful. This is not a discussion of US Politics where humanity is dead. We are supposedly creative people, writers who have some need to be curious.

Original Scrivner was written on Mac using tools on the Mac and features that are built into the Mac.
Windows version uses a framework called QT. That tries to make it easier to write for multiple systems, but it doesn’t replicate some of the Mac OS built in features.

The Windows OS version already has a ton of features that were not in Mac 3.0. They have while working towards release added key features from the Mac updates. I believe dark theme was one of them.

Like many projects they are finding that things take longer than expected. And on top of that they had to rework their license management system on all apps, as the old provide closed down.

Stop making a case that betas should only be open to pre-qualified, vetted testers.

There are things that the Mac does easily that will not make it over, welcome to life. Deal with it like an adult, please… I am hoping that Windows 3.1 will have more touch features, which don’t matter on the Mac as it doesn’t have touch screens.

Also since QT helps to share code, they have said there is an Android version being roughed in. Keep in mind the Mac was not written in it doesn’t share a code base.

If you care about your work, I would consider re-thinking the thumbdrive thing. Its a disaster waiting to happen, and that is true for any product. But especially Scrivner with is complex file/folder system. All my scrivner files are run from OneDrive. The current version is very reliable. Blaming them for your bad decision to work off of tempory, easily broken and lost devices is not reasonable.

Speaking as a fellow Windows user, even Microsoft hasn’t been able to achieve complete feature parity between Office on Windows and MacOS. For example, Access, Publisher and Visio aren’t even available for MacOS, and Outlook on MacOS isn’t a complete port of the Outlook codebase either.

Scrivener for Windows 3.0 has been promised to be as feature complete as technically possible as Scrivener for Mac 3.0 was. Obviously, Mac is now up to 3.1.4, but the Windows devs have often rolled new features into the current Windows dev version (dark mode, anyone?) so they’re actually exceeding what they promised.

I am wondering if this is a big misunderstanding. I can’t find in the changelogs when this feature was added to the Mac version – was it present in Mac 3.0 or added after the fact?

I think after the fact, if I remember rightly, but it is there on Mac because Apple included it as part of MacOS in a later update, whereas Qt does not provide it by default so, as with many other things, LAP and Tiho_D have had to roll their own.


Just to confirm, Themes were not part of the initial Scrivener for Mac v3.0 release and they were not “easy” to add. Still they made many of you happy and this is what counts at the end of the day. In some places we exceed, in some places we are behind, in some places we will never be able to match the functionality. We can only promise to close the gap as much as possible, and we do our best to do it sooner then later. Still if you compare Scrivener for Win v1.9 against Scrivener for Mac v2 and Scrivener for Win v3 Beta against Scrivener for Mac v3 you will find that v3 has much more feature parity between the platforms than ever before.

Scrivener is the best writing product for Windows–hands down! I was in my glory with version 1.9, but licking my chops for enhancements found in Mac v3, which was promised a long time ago. I’ve been working the v3 Betas since they were available. I love what I see. There are a few quirks, but so does EVERY software out there.

As a developer and project manager, I know only too well the trials of moving to a new development environment, let alone a different OS. An absolute truth is that you CANNOT produce exactly the same functionality across code bases, or OSs! You do your best, but that’s all you can do. Anyone who hasn’t coded shouldn’t complain about what’s there and what’s missing because they don’t have a clue! Tough statement, but true.

Instead of bitching about feature-for-feature compatibility, take a look at the wonderful product you have available. For those who have Mac and Win PCs, well, great for you–you have money to burn–but do you complain to Apple they don’t have the same features as Windows, or Microsoft they don’t have all the features of Mac, and they DON’T WORK THE SAME? If you find a bug, log it and move on.

What I would like, is for L&L to fix the existing bugs, and not work on anything minor for the moment–that could come with a 3.1 release–and let us poor unfortunate Macless Windows users have a close approximation, with more to come in an incremental version. Knowing that every new beta can introduce bugs, I work in v3 Beta, but copy everything in the project to v1.9–just in case. Please give us a stable 3.0 we can upgrade to without worries about data loss or file structure incompatibilities. Then I only need to work in the best version–v3.

[b]And I thought I was a complainer?

I am feeling much calmer these days. You know - counseling and education and learning who you are and all that psycho mumbo jumbo. Blah blah blah. And writing always helps with anger, too.

Of course there are things I want to see that are not in the program, but for the price, I am okay with it for the most part.

But at the same time, if I am (hello) paying for software, I want it to actually work. So for me personally, not having bugs is more important than specific features. Your mileage may vary.

Keep up the good work, guys. You can count on me and my less angry and bitter self to purchase version 3, whatever may or may not be in it. All I am asking is that it doesn’t crash. Please take as long as you need to fix the bugs. I will wait.[/b]