And now the outliner shows something completely different

Hello everyone,

in case I am completely wrong here, I do apologise profoundly - I have never posted in a forum before (I have also written by hand only until a few years ago, and only discovered fire recently…).

There is a problem with my scrivener (or maybe, more likely, with me) - I am working in screenplay mode, and - up until now - I had no problems with understanding the programm. However, now the outliner mode shows my different documents in an entirely wrong order - in binder - everything is fine. In group mode - fine. index cards - fine - only in the outliner, everything is mixed up completely. I work a lot with outliner, and I’m scared of dragging my 70+ items in the right place manually, in case that then actually messes up the right order of things… I hope the description makes sense… Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you!


Look at the column headers - is one of them blue, or a different shade, like the “Title & Synopsis” column in the following example?

If so, all it means is that at some point you have clicked on the column header to sort the outliner by that column. Click on the column header again to reverse the sort order, then click on it again to get rid of the sort and return to binder order.

Hope that helps.

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Whoops… And suddenly, the biggest problem of my day disappears and I feel profoundly silly. Maybe I shouldn’t spent 10 hours in a row staring at my screen… Thank you so much!