...And Now Without a Mac :'-(

I bought my 14" iBook G4 refurbished from Apple years ago (early 2005 or 2006), and I’ve since learned enough to wonder what the heck the refurb tech actually did to it. It didn’t seem to have a clean install on it when I got it, and I found out later when I had to take it apart (screen cable was disconnecting inside, my brother discovered) that probably half the screws were missing. A few screws liked to block the superdrive, sometimes. The speaker socket was loose and I accidentally bumped it, which broke it entirely.

Other than that and some home drama of my father accidentally selling my 10.3 system disks when he was supposed to sell my brother’s 10.2 disks, which left me without my system disks when I needed to do a reinstall (so I bought Leopard, just before the price hike, which enabled me to try & then buy Scrivener), my iBook has worked remarkably well through the years.

I say “remarkably”, because if I started listing some of the things that it’s survived through the years, I’d likely make some of the tech geeks here hate me. :wink: Suffice to say that I’m clumsy and didn’t have air conditioning until a few weeks ago.

Well, it survived… until a few weeks ago, right after I got the AC. The hard drive died, as was confirmed by the symptoms and with three or four hardware tests. I was able to salvage the novel I’d just finished, but other than that I lost about two months’ worth of data due to my forgetting to make backups. (They’re incredibly slow, so I have to set them up before bed or something.) Okay, no biggie.

This past Saturday, my logic board decided to die, too. (While I was doing my backup.)

This is maddening, because I was trying to nurse the computer for another year or two and save up to build one. I don’t have time to figure out the specs and all I want for that, right now, and I need one ASAP. My computer keeps me sane. (As the explanation of how might land me in a white room, I’ll refrain.)

I can make do with writing (parts of) stories on lined paper, but… it’s not the same. That’s how I come up with the horrific short stories and plot ideas that freak me out. (Okay, that happens on computer, too; just not as often.)

I’m a bit frustrated, now, because I was considering getting an MSI Wind to hack just 2 months ago, and it was on sale then. Now, might cost me twice as much for one of the good hackable netbooks. facepalm I’m trying to get one on eBay, but I’m also planning to visit the Apple store that opened this month, to get a good look at my options.

Even if I can figure out a hack-type fix for my iBook, I still want to get a backup computer. Two significant breakdowns within a month isn’t good.

The answer is rather simple.

BUY A NEW MAC. Get apple care.

Bite the bullet. And before you start to question yourself think of this. A new MacBook would run you around $1200 new. Divide that by 3 years of worry free computing life and that is $400 a year. Divide that by 365 and that is roughly $1.10 a day. That is cheaper than buying a 20oz drink from a store.

Since you use a computer for so much of your life (work and play) then the overall investment minuscule compared to the return on investment in (1) saved time not watching progress bars (speed), (2) Compatibility with modern software and features, (3) Worry free peace of mind (Apple care warranty 3 years). (4) Less time wasted trying to breathe life into something that has been on life support which equates to more time being productive.

You have probably wasted (in your time which = value) 10 times the amount of a new laptop in just one year battling a refurbbed POS.

Your computer is your number one tool in your tool kit. It is the heart of your “toolbox”.

Imagine how productive a mechanic would be if he only owned a pair of pliers and two screw drivers. Imagine a construction worker that builds houses but only uses a hand saw instead of a power saw. Imagine a Fisherman who only uses one hook and one pole. A Commercial delivery driver who drives a Volkswagon Bug. A dump truck driver that only owns a small pickup truck instead of a dump truck.

I guess the point I am trying to make is a simple one. Good tools = more options, better performance, better quality, more efficiency, and a more stress free working environment.

When it comes to computers, cheaper is not always better and in the end of the average life cycle of a home computer (3 years) cheaper ends up costing more.

Go buy a Mac Book, get Apple Care, bite the bullet and equip your “toolbox” to be more in line with the use of your tools.

I’d love to, except I live with parents who won’t let me do that. :slight_smile: But thanks, Wock.

I currently have my computer running, again, and I’m praying it stays up.


Will they let you get a mini 10v?

:open_mouth: :blush: That`s what the actress said to the Bishop. :smiling_imp:

sighs They’re not letting me do that, either. :neutral_face:

And vic-k, while I appreciate the attempt at levity, I do actually pray to God.

Pumpkin Pip, rest asured, God didn`t get where he is today, without a sense of humour. :wink:
Take care Sweet Thing


There is a very good mac recycling shop up here. If you need parts let me know and I will see if I can get you a discount as one of the owners is an acquaintance. I have used them twice and the parts are good.

I think we really need to have a talk with these so-called parents. Maybe they need a little visit from the Scrivenerati – which when assembled as a team and in their respective superhero costumes are an unstoppable force, not to mention a sight to behold.

What an appalling prospect. It beggars belief! Doesn`t bear thinking about. :frowning:


Somebody didn’t have his catnip this morning.


Catnip my tooty!! You should try sharing a Wtiter`sRoom with vic-k. :frowning:

Looks like my husband without his whiskey!


[size=85]…SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?[/size][size=150]^[/size]

Strange things afoot, my human shipmates! :open_mouth: Paranormal disturbances in the aether? :confused: Animal Rights Supernatural Div. at work? Twas my intention, yesterday, to point out to Mr Grim, that I am in-fact, a Lady Feline, not some brutish, thuggy, spraying addicted tomcat. My intentions however, were thwarted by a sudden and desperate need to evacuate the Writer`sRoom. Vic-k had (surreptitiously), slipped his trainers off! UUUGH!

Having returned to the abandoned task, I have just noticed the aforementioned bizarre phenomenon. Mr. Grim`s affront to my sensibilities, appears to have righted itself, in all subsequent quote. I assure you, my fellow seafarers, unlike on many previous occasions, it is not of my doing. So! Just what is going on aboard Scrivener?
Take care, and beware.

P.S. Miss Dissyloo,
Apropos you beloved, minus his whisky. I`ve been there and bought the T-shirt. Tis a heart rending sight to witness. Vic-k, bereft of his beloved Holy Amber Distillation, would break your heart. :cry:

There are two ways you could go with this, Cat Thing:

  1. Never underestimate my supernatural powers again.

  2. Observe cagily that gender assignments have been in flux all over since last Amber Day.

Choice (1) has much to recommend it.



Actually I soaked a cactus in some absinthe and enjoyed the show

Beyond the beyonds, heart-wrenching to imagine!



tis t be sure. Y cant begin to imagine worrits like, unless youve experience it yself. sawful! Awful!

There`s only one way, Mr.Grim(rl). My Way!