My point exactly (sanity). After cruising the forum I feel so much better about myself - and yet, inspired to do more writing.

Which reminds me, I have another thousand words to go. Haven’t figured out how to get the heroine from the ramshackle barn to the home of the elegant French lady…

Maybe I should try vampires.

Have you considered sending one of the vic-k’s into the barn? That is sure to chase any heroine out of the barn and in search of safety.

It could work only if they are not afraid of horses…

But it’s so much easier to write something when you like it.

Fortunately, I got my 2k words done, but it’s looking like I’m going to fall short of 50k words when I get to the end of my main outline. Ah, well. That’s what the backstory and forestory ones are for.

You could try using members of Ancient and Noble Order of Hirsuitum Posterious Weldercusi, in shining armour. Were a dashing breed, y know. :wink:

If you tell the various vic-ks that there is any form of distilled beverage available in the barn, nothing will be able to prevent them from entering.

Upstart!! :imp: Chivalry!! ls our intoxicant!. Be off with y!!!

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