Android app sync with scrivener.

Hi, I’m new here. Just to check, has anyone tried JotterPad HD Pro? It states that it can sync with Scrivener.
I’m interested to buy an android tablet but not sure if android is the better choice for writing.

The main requirements for something to work with Scrivener:

  • The application has the ability to load items off of a network or synchronisation service that your computer has file & folder level access to. A common example of this is Dropbox. Scrivener writes sync files and folders to a location of your choosing, you point it at Dropbox, then any app that can also access files can now edit the .txt/.rtf files
  • The app must be capable of navigating sub-folders. A lot of programs that advertise themselves as having “cloud support” simply mean they have a special folder they make for themselves and store .txt files inside of it. This will not work with Scrivener. You need to be able to navigate into sub-folders to use the sync feature.
  • The app can open, edit, and save .txt or .rtf files in-place. Some applications pull files off of the server and store them in its local storage—they are no longer synced. Some applications of this style can be made to work if it also allows you to upload changed files later on, but this is less efficient than merely editing the files in place.

I don’t know anything about the program; looks nice, but the first review that I read for it states that it cannot navigate into sub-folders.