Android app

I just started using Scrivener on windows and it’s the best, but I can’t open up my files on my phone for writing on the go. I’d really like to see even a basic app for android so that’s possible.

The files are RTF format, so any app that can open this type of file should allow you to open and edit. There are caveats to this sort of thing, though, so be careful. Some further searching in the forum should lead you down the right path.

As to a dedicated Android Scrivener app, it’s probably best to curb any sort of enthusiasm. They’ve been working on an iOS version for years and it’s still not ready, and they’re not going to start working on an Android version until the iOS one is done and on the market. So workarounds are your friend for the foreseeable future.

I’ve found that editing in something like Google Keep, and then copying and pasting when I’m back to my PC works fine.