Android Tablet

I am looking for the best software to write in on my Adam, any suggestions?

Here’s a handy list from LifeHacker. Are you using Scrivener for Windows? If so, it’s not implemented yet, but finding a writing tool that can integrate with Dropbox is a good long-term choice, especially if that application can navigate folders and files on Dropbox. The Simplenote application for Android is another good pick for working with Scrivener. Again, not implemented yet on the PC, but it’s on the roadmap. If you are using a Mac then check out the File/Sync/ sub-menu, which is documented in Chapter 13: “Cloud Integration and Sharing”, pg. 108.

I’ve got a Motorola Xoom with Android Honeycomb 3 for a tablet and I use Scrivener for Windows on the laptop.

I’ve gone through about 6 or 8 different note-taking apps and circled back to Dataviz’s DocumentsToGo. It has it’s little annoying moments, but it does what I need, which none of the rest of them seem to do half as well. That is: it produces MS Word documents, allows formatting (fonts, bullets, tables, etc) and can deal with images embedded among the text. It’s like a very stripped-down MS Word. The biggest reason I am sticking with it, though, is that it lets me zoom in on the text. I was shocked that the rest of them don’t. I’m got perfectly normal vision, but I still prefer not to squint at the tiny default font in plain-text apps.

On the synchronization end, I use dropbox. My entire scrivener project sits inside dropbox. I’ve added a “_Non-Scrivener” folder inside it, just to keep things together, and that’s where I put those files that need to be copy/pasted into Scrivener later.

From the tablet, I have access to the component files of the Scrivener project, but I can’t open them. I have not found an RTF editor for Android. So, inside dropbox, I keep a recently-compiled scrivener project MS Word format, so at least I have it for reference.

It is ideal? No. Does it work? Absolutely. It’s a very small price to pay for first being able to write with the convenience of a tablet and then being able to organize and edit in Scrivener.

Also, on the tablet, I don’t type – I handwrite and it recognizes the text and converts to typing. It’s wonderful!!! I’m in love. That’s the reason I’m willing to put it with being apart from proper Scrivener, just to be able to write on the tablet. The handwriting recognition is accomplished via Phatware’s WritePad app. On the iPad, WritePad is a separate note-taking app. On Android, you can make it your default input method and you can use the handwriting recognition pad while entering text into any other note-taking app or an email or anywhere.