Android version

Well, now that we have a Windows version release I wanted to be ahead of the curve and ask when we can expect an Android version. I know these things take time and I think it’s very reasonable that you should already have a time table after we waited so long for the Windows release.

So when can we expect it, tomorrow? Three weeks from now, next Thursday? Or maybe, this third Wednesday of July? Any later and I will totally be outraged and will be sharing a long, unreasonably angry post here in the forum. Just the thought of waiting any longer is highly offensive to me and I do not think my expectations are the least bit rational, but I’m going to make demands and threaten to leave Scrivener for another application, if this isn’t given priority.


Now that’s just harsh, :smiley: but in all honesty I don’t think you’re far off the mark. I too am certain the Mr/Ms Negatives will be along shortly to demand/proclaim their allegiance or lack thereof. :smiling_imp:

I don’t know what you’re talking about. That totally wasn’t a parody post or anything but my deepest most heartfelt opinion. I am deeply offended that you would suggest otherwise.

shifty eyes

Well, in that case, the Android beta, err, I mean, the Android final version should be out by now. What’s the holdup? :smiley:

Oh, no. We’re going to get a 6-year Android beta now.


Six years? For Android? What’s taking so long? It should be so simple to just port over the Ipad version and make it compatible. :unamused:

Hey! Over here on the Mac side we’ve been waiting way longer than that for our automated bestseller/Pulitzer winner writing tools. You Android people can just get in line!

(Long time forum members will get it.)


Shouldn’t you be busy doing some “porting”?

God but I love these forums!

Android churns out a new versions so fast that by the time the devs have a stable version, it’s no longer compatible with the Android version released on current low-end hardware.

And for the beer and “Cheesy Whotsits” dispenser!


Well then, that’s it for me. * throws hands in air and stomps off in a huff *

  • wonders where I can go now, since there’s nothing to complain about here *