Angry Apple rant

Today has been a bad Apple day. At one point, I actually found myself asking myself, “Do I really want to develop for this platform?” Seriously. When I bought my iBook three years ago, I thought the Mac was the bee’s knees. What a machine! And it still is - three years later, it runs brilliantly. But my MacBook - well, that is jus something else entirely. So I posted a long message on the Apple support forums about this earlier today - and guess what? The mods deleted it. It was rational, polite, and I really bigged-up AppleCare (who have always been really helpful). It’s the engineers who are letting them down - and now, it seems, the mods on the Apple forums. How dare they silence my complaint? I mean, really? I pay £300 for AppleCare and today I was on hold for one hour just trying to get through to them - I had to give up in the end because I had an appointment. Is that really good enough? Well, the answer is a resounding “no”.

Am I prepared to be treated like this by a company? Again, “no”. I’ve never been a big Steve Jobs fan. And I hate the Scientology-esque-ness of the Apple Store in Regent Street. Hell, I think Apple’s attitude stinks so much that my complaints led to my partner writing a four-page spread on how Apple was losing its cool for the Independent earlier in the year. But OS X… OS X is what keeps me here. What are the alternatives? Who can go back to Windows after using OS X? Not me. It is by far the best OS out there. And now I have spent two years of my life developing Scrivener for it. So Apple have me over a barrel.

And is this how Apple are going to treat me in return? I thought Apple had fostered a reputation for caring about their customers… For being different from those other faceless corporations. Pah.

So right now I am in a low place when it comes to Apple, and I can’t face any Scrivener development this evening. And dang, we don’t even have any alcohol in the house. :frowning:

Sorry, just had to vent.

I reposted my issues on the Apple support forums here: … dID=666533

I tried to ensure that there was nothing there that could possible give rise to it being deleted, but I am prepared to bet that it will be gone within the hour. Apple hate anybody saying anything bad about them and seem to be advocates of censorship. So, for the sake of posterity (or something), I have pasted my complaints below.



Sorry to hear about your Apple woes. You pretty much nailed the problem in your post. We are all endowed with the best operating system on the planet, and it is an unfortunate truth that its benefits are shackled to one side of the Jobs Coin, snuggled up close to some of his more obnoxious ideologies. And what can we do, really? Like you, there is no way I am ever going back to Windows by choice. So we are kind of stuck – and right now we are double stuck – being in the middle of a transition between chip types, and all of the bugs and issues that come along with something that seminal. Fortunately, the future is bright. OS X keeps improving, and eventually the Intel line will be as stable as PowerPC line.

Keith, just to let you know you’re not the only one - my MacBook is also suffering from the random shutdowns. I’ve been through AppleCare and initially they were going to replace the logic board but now (almost two weeks later) they are only going to replace the heat sink. I still have the computer as they are letting me hold onto it until the parts arrived - there is no official ETA on the parts yet as apparently there is a huge backlog with all 2GHz MacBooks potentially affected.

I have also been extremely frustrated by this at times, but like you there is no way I could ever use another operating system. I am also very happy with the MacBook if you don’t include this issue (which is hopefully going to be fixed sometime soon).

Also, it might just be down to pot-luck but it has not randomly shut-down once while using Scrivener!

Ugh. This is a terrble state of affairs. I have been through this kind of thing with a computer (never a Mac, though). I believe AmberV is correct, that the Intel line will eventually be quite stable and solid. But that surely doesn’t help you now! And their deleting your post is beyond frustrating!

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I know how frustrating computer issues can be. (Ironically, that’s one of the reasons I prefer my mac to my pc.) I hope they get worked out.

Well, I finally got through to AppleCare and they are taking it in for repair - again. This is the third time this four month-old machine has been in for repair. They have said that they will replace the top case and screen bezel again to get rid of the discolouration while they’re at it - this time I’ll make sure I buy a protective plastic cover to avoid this in future. So, looks like I’ll be without my primary development machine for a few weeks. Much as I love my iBook, it is very slow for making Scrivener builds, so I’m not looking forward to going back to it for a while… :frowning:

Things might be different over there, but here in the Land of Oz it sounds like there is going to be quite a long waiting list until the parts to repair the shutdown are available, you might want to do what I’m doing and wait for the parts to be available before taking it in.

In the meantime I have been starting up by holding down the power button until after the long beep (means the computer is only going to use one core instead of two) and this seems to be working, i.e. I have been doing some pretty processor intensive stuff without it shutting down. The only thing is if you let your computer go to sleep upon waking both cores will be activated and it will promptly shut down.

Thanks, dagaz - in fact, that is exactly how I am starting up my machine these days. Otherwise, it shuts down within minutes. What I didn’t realise was that sleeping caused both cores to be activated, which explains why I have been getting shutdowns after a few hours.

I hope there isn’t such a long wait… Apple are sending out a box for mine, because I try to avoid the Apple store in Regent Street as much as I can. They said there was a ten day turnaround when I asked, but I am prepared to bet that they stated that as a matter of course and didn’t actually know whether these parts were in or not. On the other hand, maybe it won’t be so bad seeing as it is going to the central UK repair centre rather than one of the stores - I would have thought that the major service centre would get the parts first. Who knows. I am going to go somewhat nuts if I’m without my new(ish) machine for more than a fortnight. :frowning:

Thanks and all the best,

Keith, I actually returned my MacBook. It was a black one. I hear your probs. Mine wasn’t as bad, but there was enough struggle for me to call it quits.

I just indulged myself in the 24" iMac, becoming a laughing stock for my wife and even my 8-months old daughter. But my son is firmly on my side.

Sheesh. Not a single problem. Scrivener displays breathtakingly. :smiley:

Well, following musti’s advice, I e-mailed with a long explanation of why I am really disappointed with my MacBook, with the discolouration and shutdowns. I mentioned that I develop and how I had always been happy with other machines and with AppleCare etc. I had heard rumours that this e-mail address would get you a response from someone at Apple pretty quickly, but I was sceptical - but I figured it was worth a try anyway. After sending the e-mail, I got through to AppleCare anyway and they agreed to take the machine in, though they said it would take about two weeks to repair.

Anyway, I sent that e-mail on a Friday. On the Monday, I got a phone call from a very friendly and apologetic chap at Executive Corporate Relations, who said that I absolutely should not have had all of these problems with my machine and that he would do everything he could to expedite my repair. The machine went in for repair on Tuesday… And I received it back on Thursday. They have replaced all of the plastics so that it looks brand new, along with the “module” (heat module, I guess), so it no longer shuts down. Now, I have grave doubts that the plastic will remain white for more than three weeks, as experience tells me otherwise, but I am very happy with the service I received here. I was losing faith in Apple a little bit, to be honest - but the fact that they have people who check such an attention-grabbing e-mail address and make such an effort to help disgruntled customers speaks volumes for their customer support.

So, I am happy again, and no longer angry. :slight_smile:


Fantastic story. Who would have ever thought! And here I was thinking you were going to have to suffer with the old plastic (old iron, just doesn’t sound right when discussing iBooks), for weeks. They certainly aren’t perfect – their biggest flaw these days seems to be releasing somewhat untested, experimental engineering designed upon the world. The plastic on the white Power Mac, the type of coating used on the Black Nano which scratches if you so much as sneeze in the same room as it (yeah, I got that one, looks like I took a brillo pad to it, even though I keep it in a soft case! Lucky me, I have AppleCare on it, and one of these days I’m going to use it).

But, they really are better than most corporations out there. I just wish they put the same attention to detail in everything they do.

I’m glad that the story is having a happy ending, though I am hearing that even replacing the heat sink isn’t enough to rectify the issue because there’s some folks that have experienced the shutdown problem again.

As much as I wouldn’t mind a Macbook, when I bought a new laptop this summer I opted for a used G4 iBook - mainly because Adobe doesn’t plan on releasing the Intel-native version of Creative Suite until the spring and I depend heavily on Photoshop for my design work. Running my current CS through Rosetta wouldn’t give me the power that I needed for it. After seeing all of these issues with the first generation of Macbooks, I’m very glad that I’m sticking with the iBook for other reasons. My AppleCare on this iBook is good through next August should I need it.