Annotate & Footnote shortcuts not working in "Full Screen"

Hi all,

I’m running the latest beta 2.3 on Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit) and working on an academic paper. I’ve found that I cannot annotate or footnote in “Full Screen Mode.” I’ve attempted the shortcut (crtl+shift+A/F) to no avail.

Reading the help file, It sure seems like it should be in there.

This is a real bummer as the paper that I’m writing is full of notes.

Could you confirm that this is a bug (or do I need to resinstall)? Also, as a UI possibility, would it be possible to add Annotate and Footnote to the “right-click” context menu when in editor mode (both in the standard and full screen mode)?

Oh, and you probably are already aware, but the update function, both in the software and via the .exe file in the directory, are still not working.

All that said, Scrivener keeps getting better and better. I cannot wait until I can actually buy a copy and pay you all back for the hard work! Cheers!

Hum, the shortcuts not working in full screen is a bug, yeah. Thanks for the feedback!

Thnx for the confirmation. Feel free to email if you need more details.

Oh, and sorry I posted this to the wrong forum.