Annotate PDF

I suppose that this option would increase Sciverner, but I see in
the use that annotate or highlight inside a PDF would be very useful. There
will there a solution?

all the best


You can already highlight PDF files by selecting text in them and using shift-cmd-H.

To annotate them, just use an external program, as follows:

  1. In the footer bar beneath the PDF file in Scrivener, click on the “Open in External Editor” button (the “A” with the arrow). Hold down the button for a second if you want to choose which program to open it in.

  2. This will open the PDF file a PDF editor. Now annotate it and save it using the editor’s tools.

  3. Once the PDF is annotated and saved, close it and return to Scrivener.

  4. Click on the “refresh” button in the footer bar to reload the PDF file, so that you can see the annotations you have created.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Sure, thanks a lot.