Annotating "Append selection..." clippings

Append Selection to Document… is a great and wonderful feature. I don’t know any other app. that has it; heaven knows why because winnowing is clipping in reverse: the other end of the research process.

BUT… it would be even more wonderful if I could annotate the bits. NoteTaker has a splendid ability to annotate clippings, so you can snag something, mark it “Useful quote about salmon”, and then send it on its way so there’s no trouble remembering why you snagged it. You can also, at the same time, snag the URL, but that’s a different story. (It doesn’t have to be about salmon. It can be about other stuff as well. Or instead of.)

If that were impossible, it would at least be handy to have an automatic separator between appended sections, as one does with clippings currently. I mean a custom one; I’d use === myself, except you can’t get into the existing custom clippings separator either.)

See, I want it all. (And I want it delivered.)

Okay, either I’m going completely mad or I just posted a reply to this, only it was in the Feedback forum and that post seems to have disappeared… Hmm. Anyway, my reply went something like this:

I could probably add a separator preference. I won’t install NoteTaker because last time I did it messed around with my contextual menus (which is probably some hideous double entendre in Geekdom), but I don’t know how marking the text would work, so you if you could explain how you would see this working, that would be useful.

Also, I said, yes you can enter return into the clippings separator preference text box. Just hold Option to enter return characters, as you do in such controls.

My other reply was, of course, much more brilliant, both in scope and tone, but now it is lost to the ether for eternity.


What ho, Keith. I imagine you posted your reply just at the very moment I thought “No, this belongs in the WishList forum” and moved it. For a brief moment the spacetime continuum blinked out… can a continuum blink out?.. or maybe it’s time for bed.


(1) Select your stuff. A bit which says “Yadda yadda blah blah blah pakapaka feh,” say.

(2) Hit the CM for whichever type of clipping you’re using (add new, or append).

(3) Little window pops up. “Annotate clipping?” and a text box. In it, you type your annotation. E.g. “Quote from”. Hit OK.

(4) Clipping appears in Scrivener, in new text doc or appended to current text doc, according to choice.

–(a) if new text doc, the Title is set to “Quote from” and the text AND autosynopsis are set to “Yadda yadda blah blah blah pakapaka feh”.

– (b) if appended to current text doc, it appears as:

=== [or whatever your separator is]
Quote from wizards. com
Yadda yadda blah blah blah pakapaka feh

Does that make sense?

If of course there is no text in the Annotate? box, then clipping behaviour defaults to precisely what it is currently.

One more thing – halfway house, perhaps: When clipping to a new text document, it might be handy to set the title of the new document as the first n characters of the clipping rather than the current Clipping [date] title, which doesn’t tell one a great deal.

One more more thing: behaviour in 4(b) above would be pretty damn cool when Appending selection to… from within Scrivener.

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