Annotation colour

I have had some difficulty with colours. The page colour on the main screen writing area doesn’t want to change colour but that isn’t a major issue. The colour of the annotation is. Initially annotations are red and according to the tutorial, section 4, item 3: (Note that you can change the colour of an annotation by clicking in it and then choosing Show Colors from the Text > Font menu and selecting a different colour.)
I tried this using the cmd&T, and clicking the text colour button at top, it didn’t work. I selected the whole annotation and tried again it worked once and when I tried to change it again it wouldn’t change. The interesting bit is; the annotation shows up blue on the screen but when I click inside the annotation and click Text > Font, colour; the colour bar at the top shows it as the colour I’ve tried to change it to. If I click inside the normal text it shows that colour and if I go back again it says its the modified colour but doesn’t show it on screen.
I hope that makes sense?

Actually the colour panel you want to use is the one that can be accessed with Cmd-Shift-C, not the one in the font palette. As the tutorial states, just put your cursor anywhere inside the annotation and then use the above shortcut to select a colour. I’ve pulled out the little “drawer” in the bottom of that colour palette and saved about a half-dozen different annotation colours that I frequently use. This makes selecting common colours easier.

Note that once you successfully do this, new annotations will be created using the last chosen colour, so you don’t have to always be changing them from red.

While this FAQ entry addresses a different problem, you might find it to be of assistance.

I have always had problems with annotation colours. They will come up in red as they are supposed to, and then suddenly the next one will come up in black and I can’t get them to be red again. I am simply typing along, and have not changed any preferences or settings at all … it’s just suddenly black. If I open another project and make an annotation, it will be black in that one too. How can I get all my annotations to be consistently red again?

Are you use version 1.54? There were bugs in earlier versions that caused this, but I think they were all ironed out in 1.54. The existing black ones will still need to be fixed, but the situation where they keep coming up black, or refuse to change, was (I think!) addressed. If you are in fact using 1.54, then it looks like there are still issues around.