Annotation/Highlighter Problem

I have my annotation set to a user-defined one. I just highlighted most of a sentence with the standard color, then annotated it. Now I’m trying to change the highlighter color to something user-defined, and it keeps changing the annotation color, and the highlighter color is gone.

All I’ve done in Scrivener this morning was change a few words in a different file from this one. I just tested this in another project, too, and the same thing happens. When trying to highlight an annotation with a user-defined color, the annotation’s what changes color, and no highlighter is added.

I’m using Scriv 1.5.3 and Mac OS 10.5.8, on a 1.33 GHtz iBook G4 with 1.25 GB RAM.

The colour panel is notoriously difficult to get working with anything other than foreground colour in the OS X text system, which is what is causing the problem. This is fixed for 2.0, as I’ve done much more work on the text system, but I’m afraid it’s unlikely to get fixed in 1.x. The workaround is to highlight the text first and apply the annotation afterwards.
All the best,

That’s what I was hoping. :mrgreen: