Annotation in Full Screen

In Full Screen, selecting existing text and designating it as an Annotation does not seem to work; the annotation is not marked even if I leave Full Screen mode. I am able to create an annotation, in Full Screen, by clicking anywhere and typing. Am I missing something? Thanks.

It works for me - I can’t recreate this at all. How have you got full screen mode set up? Are you overriding the font colour? If so, all that will happen is that the text will get a bubble outline.

I think I figured it out: I have Full Screen on a secondary monitor, and I tried to to invoke Annotations by clicking on the icon in the menu bar on the main window (on the primary screen). Doesn’t work. But I can get Annotation to work if I choose it from the menus.

Ah, yes, that makes sense. The toolbar is attached to the primary window - think of the full screen as a completely separate window (which, in fact, it really is). The toolbar thus has no effect on anything in full screen - only on the editors in the main window.
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You can always use the keyboard shortcut for it, rather than menu or toolbar items anyway.