Annotation question

So, I select a few words and click the ‘Annotation’ button. Those words then go red with a circle around them.

Now can I link a note or comment to that annotation? I don;t see how to do it.


I think you are looking at annotations in a model similar to the Comment->Pointer->Source method employed by a number of programs that display notes in a separate area from the source text. Scrivener’s annotations are designed to be embedded in the source text itself. This has a number of advantages. The placement of the comment becomes its contextual reference. You needn’t highlight the words in the source text in order to illuminate the notes relevance to them. Secondly, all of your notes and original text are in one place. You can skim read both at the same time. So think of them as a way to type notes directly into your text source. Instead of selecting the text you want to remark on, place the cursor before or after these words, turn on Annotation mode, and just start typing in your note.

You can get away with this during the compile and export phase by turning off all annotations. Then the finished product will have none of your commentation in it. If you find that having notes highly visible in your source text is too distracting, try experimenting with Ghost Notes mode (it’s in the Text menu). This will fade out notes (while leaving them in place), simultaneously making them illegible and yet there is still an indication that they are there.

But, if you do wish to link to a very large comment, you can definitely do this. Just follow the above instructions up to the point of starting to type in your note. Once you have annotation mode turned on, press Cmd-L to make a new linked document. The time and date will be stamped into the original document, and you’ll now have a full note document at your disposal, which will be located in the Binder under the newly created Notes folder.