Annotation rather than strikethrough

This may have been discussed before, but I couldn’t find a link for it. I have started using the annotation function rather than strikethrough in my editing process. This allows me to keep the words I have decided the delete (for the moment) and when I compile the document in mobi format (to edit further on my Kindle) the offending words are not included in the compile process, but are still available in the binder should I change my mind. I use snapshot, of course, but this seems a simpler way of striking text without loosing it.

Yup, this is a very valid usage of inline annotations. If you don’t use any other kind of notation in the document, you can also use the Edit/Copy Special/Copy without Comments or Footnotes command to select everything, copy, and paste back over with all of your removals omitted. Obviously, that’s one for doing a snapshot first. :slight_smile:

Another trick that inlines are good for is annotated a snapshot. If you have something to say about it, you can just throw a comment in at the top of the document and it will always be visible when you scan through the snapshot list in the future.

2.1 has an option in Compile to remove struck-through text, so you will be able to strike-throughs instead of, or as well as, annotations for this in future.

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I just figured out that Revision Colors + strikethrough = colored strike-through! With the compile option to exclude struck-through text, my cuts will be much less fraught with peril! And I just discovered that the strike-through line and the text under it can be of different revision colors.

Brilliant! Now if only I could reassign my backspace & delete keys to just turn on strike-through. Must investigate…

I am looking forward to 2.1 for many reasons, compile without strikethroughs is one more. Thanks, Keith.