Annotation Spawns Spurious Hyperlink

The detection of hyperlinks (that one gets with auto-detect hyperlinks pref on) unwontedly leaps the boundary between regular and annotation text. Since inline annotations often naturally occur at the ends of sentences (and hence immediately following a period), this makes a situation like this:

turning into this is you start typing an inline annotation at the end of the paragraph:

The underlined portion having become an hyperlink to '" – a domain that I was, I confess, strongly tempted to register. But I digress.

Auto-detect hyperlink should respect the annotation/regular text boundary.

This is a small matter, because auto-detection of hyperlinks is not important to me, but thought I would mention it.


P.S. I wonder how many root domains there are that are also sentence-starting words? In English certainly .it and .in

I’m guessing this will be difficult/impossible to fix. The hyperlink detection stuff is all Apple’s code. If it isn’t important to you and gets in the way, you can just switch it off in the Auto-Correction pane.

Or, as some might say.

Yes, I did disable it.


p.s. – another domain in need to own.