Annotation Transcriber

I don’t know how many out there do a lot of transcribing, but I do a fair amount of researching of audio and video archives. I just discovered a program that seems to be a pretty good aid for such work. It allows you to play video or audio files and quickly bookmark and annotate and/or transcribe them into a file you can save and go back to. It is missing some features and could use some interface improvements, but it seems promising. It goes for $48, which at first seemed a bit steep, but perhaps not when compared with other programs that seek to do the same thing.

Anyone have experience with this program or others like it? Scriv. does a fair job of letting me transcribe things, but this program is much more efficient to use and makes the process much easier.

I’d be curious to see if others have any thoughts about this.


You might take a look at Transcriva. The interface resembles iChat. It’s under $20. Fairly basic, but it works.

Give also a try to Express Scribe. It is free, and maybe it does what you are looking for. I used it to transcribe a couple interviews, but they were only audio files.


Great! I’ll check them out. Many thanks!

Appears at first glance that they only handle audio files, not video, which is more what I use. But I’ll check them out further. Thanks again.

Scribe is a free alternative. No bells and whistles, just basic audio transcription software.

Thanks. I need to transcribe video as well, and none of these alternatives does that. Still checking things out. Thanks again to all.

Just a note that Transcriva is discounted 45% (19.99 - now 10.95) at the site for today.

Hi Alex,

just a thought… since you’re looking for an application to transcribe video and don’t seem to be having much luck.

Have you thought about using a subtitling app?

I recently spent a quarter of an hour playing with Miyu.

Miyu outputs a text file (.srt file) which can be opened in any text editor.

Text and time code. Not sure if it is possible to get rid of the time code…

But it’s free (for non-commercial use)

– Paul

There is always the topline app Hyperresearch along with Hypertranscribe - perhaps the Rolls Royce and maybe you don’t need a Sherman tank to kill a fly. If you want to do the whole research project then I can vouch for these:


I found InqScribe to be the best alternative out there. They have educational discounts available, so you might be in a similar price-range.

Just out of curiosity and not knowing your exact needs, but are you aware of the amazing TAMS Analyzer project? The software is also free!

Thanks for the suggestions. $99 US is pretty steep for my rather basic needs. But they look like nice programs.

Alex, there was a thread some time ago in which I, among others was commenting about the cueing limitation in Scrivener. Jean-Louis (Valero) pointed me in the direction of LoopyLoopX. I was needing to translate the soundtrack of a short video I had made.

It could be what you need, though it helps if you can read French for the interface. Although development seems to have stopped with Beta version 0.99B some 2 years ago, you can still get it from Version Tracker or the website
(I have just tried.)

The website still gives the price as $9 to rise to $25 on release of v.1

Although I have it on my system, I have not used it. I gave it a brief glance when I first downloaded it, but by then I had finished the job in hand through Scrivener.

Might be worth giving it a look.

Mark :slight_smile: