Annotations and Counts

An observation and a question about word count. It appears that annotations are included in the running word and character counts. I’m wondering why that is. By default they aren’t compiled; are they then subtracted from the final, calculated value of the <$wc> family of compile-time variables? That would seem to imply that word counts, in the face of invisible annotations, are always wrong. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to toggle “count annotations in word count?” on or off? Or is there already a way to do that, tucked away someplace?

I’m not normally much interested in complete accuracy wrt word count, but a special case has come up in which I am setting specific word count targets for a revision. I want each revised scene to be 10% shorter, so the presence of annotations can significantly skew the target count for small scenes.

I prefer annotations to Document Notes in this case because they’re right there next to the specific text to which they apply.



Annotations and footnotes are included in the live wordcount shown in the footer for reasons of speed, so that count should be considered an estimate as far as your “true” compile count. In order to actually count what will or won’t be compile, Scrivener needs to do more processing in the background to check on that, which would create lag if it had to happen every time you typed a letter. For now, if you want to really get your compile count, use Project Statistics; you can also set the options there for selection statistics to include or exclude annotations, etc.

Apparently it wasn’t clear in my post. I don’t care about the compile count. I want the document count - the one that moves the progress bar when I have a target count set for a chapter - to be the one that’s accurate, for the reason I explained. There’s certain to be an efficient way to keep the “footnote,” “annotation,” and “everything else” counts separate. Lee’s a smart programmer; I’ll bet he could figure out a solution.