Annotations and word count

Elsewhere, AmberV writes: “…you can omit annotations in word counts…”. Can anyone tell me how this is done? My annotations are showing up in my Manuscript and Session word count targets, and I’d like to omit them from all words counts, but have not found an option.


Unfortunately, for performance reasons, you can’t exclude inline annotations from the targets, only from Project Statistics. Inspector comment text won’t get counted, so you could try switching to that style and see how it fits your work habits.

For Project Statistics, you set the content to be counted in two ways. The top “Draft” portion of the statistics is built off your compile settings, so whatever options you have set there will affect this count. You’ll want to open Compile and select Statistics, then ensure that “Count comments and annotations” is not checked. (If you don’t see the Statics option there, click the disclosure button next to the “format as” dropdown. Note that this can be further refined by whether you choose in the Footnotes/Comments pane of Compile to remove inline annotations or inspector comments; if you have either of these boxes checked, text for that comment type will not be included even when “Count comments and annotations” is selected. Thus you can finagle to count inspector comments but not inline annotations, or vice versa, if that’s desirable.) Hold down the option key so the “compile” button in the bottom right changes to “save” and select it to save the settings without compiling.

To modify the count in the “Selection” portion of Project Statistics, click the “Options” button at the top of the Project Statics pane and then toward the bottom check “Exclude comments and annotations”.

Damn. I was hoping this was something obvious I’d missed. Oh well.

Thanks for your thorough help once again though, I appreciate it. I didn’t know about “Saving” compile options using Opt, so just that’s very useful.