Annotations and word counts

“Ghosted” annotations are a useful way of having “mmm, perhaps” text floating in your copy while you decide whether you commit to it. It would be extra useful if these annotations could be excluded from the word count. I’d like to think of the solid text as committed, here to stay, and thus part of the word count; and ghosted annotations as not yet part of the count.

At the moment, it’s all counted, and it’s a chore to count body text independently of annotations.

Or am I missing something? That’s quite possible, too.


You can get an over all word count without annotations or footnotes via View > Statistics > Project Statistics.

The live word count cannot exclude them simply because it would require constant recalculation during typing and typing speed is a priority. However, in 2.0 the solution to this is having a tool tip - in 2.0, if you hover the mouse over the word count in the footer, it will bring up a tool tip showing word and character count excluding annotations and footnotes.

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Hallelujah! This was exactly the complaint I was just going to post, and it’s a frustration of some longstanding – not just with Scrivener, but all writing apps.

The tool tip solution is a good one, but it seems to me the default option ought to be to without annotations. I don’t see why it’s any harder to keep a running tally without annotations than with them. In either case, the computer is having to constantly recalculate word counts as you type.

It is harder.

Without annotations:

Repeat until end of document

Search for annotation beginning and end
Sum annotation word count

Compute word count for entire document
Subtract annotation word count[/code]

With annotations:

 Compute word count for entire document


Yes, it is harder. Word and character count just add or take away the changed text. Annotations and footnotes would have to take into account changing the formatting (to be one or the other) and much wider ranges of text. Hence the tool tip solution - keep typing smooth.
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Perfect - needed the Statistics tool today for the total word count, but didn’t know what it was called.

Now I’m just left wishing for this feature:
show the word count in addition to the # items in the bottom toolbar when selecting a folder(s)

Right now it only shows how many items are in the folder(s), and only the word count for selected scenes. This would be great to have at a glance for the entire folder or folders though, without having to always go to statistics to check this. Just a word count with annotations would be sufficient.

Very much appreciated if you decide to add this!