Annotations as rtf comments in other apps

Just found out that I can’t seem to find a single text app (except Word) to handle Sriv’s exported annotations - they don’t seem to show up as comments (or anything similar) in Neoffice, Mellel, Nisus. Has anyone had more luck with this? Am I missing an unticked box somewhere? Is exporting them inline the only option?

I have found an old thread ( with Keith’s conclusion that only Word seems to do this properly – but quietly hope that things may have changed since. Reassuring news anyone out there? Thanks.


Nisus definitely supports comments - which version of Nisus are you using? I think it may only be Nisus Writer Pro that supports them. I think that is the only one other than Word, though (but that’s not so bad since Nisus is such a great wp).

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for your response, Keith. It is exactly as you surmise. My version of Nisus is an older Writer Express. The Pro version looks great (tried out the demo) and it indeed displays the exported annotations nicely as comments. However, have decided to stick with NeoOffice (a mix of solidarity, Zotero integration and interop with the Office world) and Mellel (for nifty typography). Have now unchecked that thoughtful box of yours in the >Compile draft-settings and am resigned to live with annotations henceforth inline.
Thanks for your kindness and all the good work.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. When I read this I got the heebie jeebies, as in my original ms in Scriv, it had been my habit to enclose phrases I wasn’t sure of in an annotations box, to make them stand out and easy to come back to during revision.

I did a short test with a document in Scriv, annotated a phrase, exported it, opened it with my very latest beta version of Nisus Express designed to work with Snow Leopard–sure enough, the annotated phrase was MISSING. :open_mouth:

I thought before I exported my whole novel to Nisus (as an rtf file) I had fixed all those annotations, but you never know, one could slip through. So I went back and searched the ms in Scriv, using Edit Scrivenings to link the scenes, and sure enough, about 5 annotations remained–so I was horrified that there might be inexplicable blanks that had escaped my notice in the full exported ms, which I had just sent out to an agent, on her request. :open_mouth:

I checked the exported ms in Nisus, and strangely enough, the annotated material in Scrivener was there.

Lovely mystery for a Sunday morning when I should be at church or cleaning the house.

Here’s what I eventually discovered. When you export a document using Export Document as an rtf file and open it with Nisus Express, you lose the annotation. However, if you COMPILE A DRAFT, the annotations show up, in the original RED, when you open the rtf in Nisus. Which is what must have happened, and of course I don’t remember, but I must have changed the font color back to black in Nisus.

Now I have to go vacuum. :unamused:

Isn’t there a checkbox when you’re exporting a document that lets you pick if you’ll include the notes or not?