Annotations Best Practices

I’m new on the forum so please pardon me if this question has already been answered somewhere else. I searched but didn’t find it.

Here’s my question: Can anyone tell me what are the “Best Practices” for making annotations in your manuscript? What techniques or protocols do you use in making annotations? What do you do with them in later drafts? What tips can you give me as a new user of Scrivener about making annotations?



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Also, your question is pretty broadly put; it might be difficult for people to answer succinctly given this, as there are dozens of equally valid ways of doing this. Recognising that annotating your manuscript is so important to the writing process, one could easily argue that the majority of Scrivener’s item support tools in the Inspector and many of the formatting based text tools revolve around providing multiple mechanisms for annotation. Everything from a simple highlight marker on a bad line of prose to custom outliner columns or a web of inter-connected references and hyperlinks.

I guess I was specifically asking about the use of Inline Annotations.