Annotations font colour lost?

My annotations seem to have lost the red and turned black. I can’t find anywhere in the prefs to change it back. What have I done?

That is odd. I’ve never had that happen, and after briefly trying to “accidentally” revert everything to black, was unable to discover a workflow bug. The only thing that I know of that changes annotation colours in a bulk fashion is full screen mode with override text colour turned on – and then that is only a temporary shift while full screen is displayed.

Do you happen to remember what steps you might have taken recently which could have caused this to happen?

I think you’ve just described what it is that I’ve done! I feel a bit silly now.

No problem! It can be easy to forget that little flag is checked on. Sometimes, after using full colour for a while, I do not even get as far as you, and wonder where all of the annotations went that I was sure I put into this file – only to see that they are there, just monochrome. :slight_smile: