Annotations/footnotes vanish when moving OSX[BUG LOGGED]

After working on a project I started in Scrivener 1 for OSX I moved over to Windows once the beta became available. I’ve just gone back to Snow Leopard and found all annotations and footnotes have disappeared from the project. Yet if the project is opened in the Windows beta 1.3 all of the notes are where they should be. I’m posting this here as the beta seems to be causing the problem: it only happens in documents that have been edited and saved in the beta.

To recreate this, I created a new project in beta 1.3, including an annotation and footnote along with some normal text:
This I then opened in Scrivener 2.0.2 and as with the project first made in OSX the notes were gone:
If I open the project again in Windows the notes are still as they appear in the first image. If a second text document is added while in Scrivener 2, then opened in beta 1.3 but not edited, the notes remain visible back in Scrivener 2.

This has been repeated across two systems, each with an install of Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.

The only unusual behaviour I’ve noticed in the Scrivener for Windows beta involves ghost notes. Whenever I turn them off and close the project they will be on again when I re-open the project – I assume this is not supposed to occur. I mention this as I wondered if it may be related, since Scrivener 2 doesn’t support ghost notes any more.

The Ghost Notes feature is just a visual aid, it doesn’t impact the underlying data at all, so I doubt that is the problem.

I’ve looked at the RTF codes, and it looks like, at the moment, the Windows version is using an alternate syntax; perhaps to work-around problems with the syntax the Mac uses until a resolution can be solved. Hopefully Lee will pop in and provide a better explanation.

Looking at the tags now. Yes, this is an RTF bug which we will address. Thank you.