Annotations losing colour

I got pointed here too after overlooking it, and yep, looks like this bit me as well.

In the meantime, is there a way to MANUALLY strip the colors off?

You could select the text, copy it and then use Paste & Match Style to paste it into some text using a Scrivener default style (or into TextEdit using Paste & Match Style), then copy and paste it back. This will strip all attributes. That’s about the only way I can think of right now, though, I’m afraid.
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I am not sure I should post here, but I have a similar problem; it usually happens when the colour of the text is not plain black, the annotations just turn grey. The thing is, when I select the annotation and turn it back to red, and then I click again, it becomes grey (even if I switched the main text to black before). The only solution I found for this is to save the preferences, delete the preference file (~librrary/preferences, etc.), type back my registration and everything, but that kind of takes a while.

Otherwise it can be cool to change the colour of annotations… but if would be best if the annotation could keep its colour without changing any annotation I select (in the case I mention).

Hi, yes, this sounds like the same bug. It’s fixed for the next update, although annotations are going to undergo some more improvements before then too.
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Wow! … Annotations undergoing more improvements? How do you improve on brilliant!!! I can’t wait to see.



Thanks a lot :slight_smile: