Announcement of 3.1.2

In the announcement of the improvements in 3.1.2, the following statements sound potentially inconsistent and a possible source of confusion to me:

  • When the Java-based Aspose converters for creating Word and Office files fail, Scrivener now shows a message to warn the user that Apple’s more basic converters will be used instead.

  • When the Aspose converters fail, Scrivener now falls back on the in-house converter rather than the low-fidelity Apple converter.

Are the statements saying, as they appear to be, that when the Aspose converters fail, the programme will show a message that Apple’s converters will be used - but then they won’t be used?

Sorry for the month-late reply! I missed this. The release notes are written in chronological order, so occasionally something supersedes something from earlier and I miss updating the earlier entry. In this case, the message actually now says that a “different” converter will be used rather than specifying Apple’s more basic converters, so the the user knows the Java converters have failed.

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