Annoying caps lock delay on new Apple Keyboards

Dear fellow writers,

I’m currently writing a Stage Play using Scriveners brilliant Stage Play script mode. No trouble there at all, except that I’m writing with a brand new Macbook keyboard and the built-in idiot proof caps lock delay is driving me nuts. I use caps lock all the time when including stage directions into the dialogue and the non-responsiveness of this particular key breaks the rhythm of my touch typing big time.

A Google search didn’t really get me the results I was hoping for. Do you know any way to turn off the annoying delay?

This is the »feature« I mean:



Try KeyRemap4MacBook, and see if it works for you keyboard. I’m using it, and it does a lot of magic things to a keyboard.


Thanks, Paolo,

that seems to do the trick. I’ve also given feedback to Apple. Seems ridiculous that users now have to install 3rd party software to get a normal keyboard behaviour.



Well, normal. Most of the people I’ve discussed this issue with don’t even know what that Caps Lock thing should be used for. It doesn’t even trigger anything in iTunes.

This should make us reconsider if us, the writers, are really “normal” people. My psy would say otherwise…