Annoying Lion error message re application zip

Having just “upgraded” to Lion on a MBP, I am now getting the following popup window in Scrivener whenever I try to type anything and twice when I quit the program: “You can’t open the application zip because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.” This has rendered my heretofore favorite program useless to me. I cannot reproduce this error in Pages, Open Office or Text Edit. The preference for zip backup has been turned off with no change. I tried to open a new project and a similar popup suggested: “You can’t open the application unzip because PowerPC applications…etc” There was also a Scrivener message that the “project data could not be extracted from the template.” which means I can no longer start a new project in Scrivener. Gak! It is my hope that there is something obvious and simple that I’m missing. Any suggestions?

Scrivener does use the commandline zip utility for certain background tasks, such as backing up important internal data while saving. The error messages you are receiving suggests there is something wrong with your zip installation - for some reason, your computer thinks that the commandline zip utility is a PowerPC program (it shouldn’t be). I would recommend a complete re-install of Lion, to be honest - if it’s choking on a common commandline utility such as zip/unzip, then it may well have problems with other system utilities that you haven’t come across yet.

Either way, I’m afraid that this is a problem with your system rather than with Scrivener. Perhaps another user has a solution for fixing zip/unzip that doesn’t involve a complete reinstall, but I’ve never heard of anything like this and cannot find anything similar via a quick Google. Sorry!

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A complete re-install of Lion did the trick.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was able to convince a skeptical Apple Store genius that it wasn’t an application problem and they let me use their fast internet to re-install Lion in the store, saving me hours.

All’s well with Scrivener now.

Thanks again.

Great, glad you got it sorted!

As someone who hasn’t upgraded yet, I’m curious if there’s an option too keep the contents of Applications, Library, and Homes when you do a clean install. I’d rather not be tied to my time machine drive while I selectively reinstall my software and migrate my files.