Annoying minor problem

The dock icon for Scrivener morphed into the same icon as Mac’s Mail program ( the paper with the ruler with the crossing pencil and brush - or pen can’t tell). I removed Scriv from dock and then loaded into back onto the dock and it reverts to the same Mail icon. The icon in the Finder window is still the Scrivener icon.

Not the worst problem in the world. I Scrivener is on the right and Mail on the left, but it is not the right one!

That’s probably a macOS issue rather than a Scrivener one.

Almost certainly, removing the icon from the dock, rebooting the Mac, and then dragging the icon back to the dock will cure that problem.

You could also try opening Terminal and using the following command to relaunch/refresh the dock.

killall Dock

Ah, it was not Scrivener. The last Mac Update didn’t restart my computer when it was done and had actually replaced the Mail and Scrivener icons with the Google Docs icon. When I restarted the problem went away for both.


Forget about restarting the computer thing. Remember having to do it 29,000,000 times a day for Windows. A lost art on me now.