Annoying problem with Scrivener on remove office

Hi everyone,

I search the forums and couldn’t find this problem anywhere else. It’s more of a nuisance than anything else but I don’t know if it will cause me trouble in the future.

Like many people nowadays I’m working from home and access my work computer via a remote desktop. My company uses Citrix for this. I have Scrivener installed on my work desktop but every day, when I log in remotely and open it, it gives me a message that I don’t have a valid license. And every day I go get my license number and activate Scrivener again.

As I said, more of a nuisance, and a ridiculous one at that, but does anyone know how to solve this? Also, it appears like I’m activating my license in a new computer every single day, and I’m not sure if that will somehow appear as I’m installing it on hundreds of computers while in fact it’s just the one :open_mouth:

Is there some reason why you can’t install Scrivener on your home computer?