Annoying sound

Every time I use Find, a chime rings – like a notification sound. I don’t remember this from before – is it new? I can’t find any way to turn it off. There’s nothing related to a notification sound in Scrivener Preferences, nothing in the Manual. I have notifications for Scrivener turned off in Mac Preferences, and unclicked Play user interface sound effects, and Play feedback when volume is changed. Help! I find this really annoying.

That’s either Tinnitus or the standard macOS “error” sound. E.g. if Find doesn’t… well, find anything.

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The error noise isn’t one of the “general” user interface sounds (like paper crumple when you empty the trash) — which is what you clicked off. It is an alert sound and that is a different category of sound in the OS Systems things. In the Sound control panel you can adjust the level of alert sounds. Perhaps you just got that turned up higher than normal inadvertently??

Thanks to both of you for coming up with ideas. No tinnitus here, and as I said in my original post I have everything I can think of turned off in OS Sys Pref: Notifications and Sounds. Is there anywhere else to look? If it isn’t something in Scrivener, it has to be in the OS. I’ll keep digging and remain open to suggestions for something to try. Thx. JHH

Does the annoying sound change if you select a different alert sound (macOS sound preferences) and doesn’t it stop if you drag the alert volume all the way down?