annoying spinning ball

I’ve been using Scriv since February with the greatest pleasure. Starting yesterday & continuing through today, Scriv’s usual snappy responsiveness has been interrupted by the aforementioned spinning ball. It appears at random times: when I want to place the cursor, when deleting or moving text, or when typing. Annoying, to say the least, and very un-scriv-like. Is there a remedy?

Thanks so much, Keith, for providing every writer’s dream app.

This sounds more like a problem with your system than with Scrivener per-se. Some things to check:

  1. Have you brought in a very large file of some description? Has your project grown large? In such circumstances it may be that save is taking a little while and the beachball is caused by the auto-save cutting in. If so, you can set a longer auto-save period in the Preferences.

  2. Have you tried rebooting?

  3. Have you disabled any fonts on your system?

All the best,

I had a similar problem. Setting my save to every 10 seconds of inactivity fixed it, so hopefully something like that will work for you.

I too have been recently plagued by the spinning ball. I have had to force quit twice today. My project is not that big -30,000 words, three docs and no media files. I have not added any other programs or downloads to my hardrive. …hmhmhm Coincidence?

Could you give more details please? Context? It’s very difficult to help with so little info.

Sorry for the late reply -been away. I just booted up Scrivner and opened the file I was working on. I opened the binder -no problem. I clicked on a chapter and -boom spinning ball. Force-quit. The file opens fine each time, but as soon as I click on a chapter, a corkboard note, or try to access anything within the file i get the spinning ball.

I had been starting up the program from “recent items” under the apple. I just started the program up from the applications folder and now there is no problem. strange computer voodoo?

That is definitely somewhat odd… If it happens again, let me know. It might be something within your chapter that is causing it to choke. For instance, a bad tooltip if you hover over one of the index cards could cause a crash on Tiger (fixed for the next update - a bad tooltip would be one with a strange gremlin character in it, such as a page break character, which might happen for some imported documents in rare circumstances).