Another boring iCloud question.

Hello, I’ve tested a way to work on the same Scrivener file in both OSX and iOS via iCloud, and it seems to work fine, but I wanted to explain the process here to see if anyone might flag up a problem.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I start writing on the Mac and save it to the Documents folder (a folder that is automatically synced via iCloud), making sure I close the file when I’m done.

On my iPad, I open that file by clicking on it in the Files app and choosing: Import projects > On my iPad.

I then edit the file in Scrivener for iOS on the iPad.

When I’m finished editing on the iPad, I close the file, go into the Files app, select it from the location ‘On My iPad’ and copy it back to ‘iCloud Drive’ Documents folder (choosing to overwrite the older version). I then delete the the file from ‘On My iPad’ (thus removing it from Scrivener for iOS and avoiding any confusion later)

On my Mac, I open the file on my iCloud Documents folder and continue writing on the updated file.

This sounds convoluted, but is actually pretty simple in practice. In Scrivener for Mac, text that I edited on iOS is shown in the binder under ‘Synced Documents’, but If I close that window everything seems to work fine.

Is there anything inherently wrong in this approach? Will a file be corrupted in some way that I am not aware of?


We don’t really recommend syncing with iCloud as there is potential for the format of the project to be damaged by any problem with the syncing. With your particular method you could miss out moving it to iCloud and simply share the project between devices via AirDrop.

That’s shame. I liked the automatic backup option, but never mind. I’ll go back to Airdropping files and backing up manually. It’s easy enough.

Thanks for the quick reply.