Another Compile Bug

This was setup in compile to .docx where I actually had a previous option set up nicely to where I didn’t have any problems and it compiled nicely into one single document. Now, it looks like, even though I have page breaks before a folder but after a file set (tried both using compile as is and format settings and such in the compiler), it attaches the last paragraph of the previous file to following folder title, using the folder title’s alignment settings if there isn’t any padding used to separate the two (this example uses one line of padding, I think). I just wanted to give you a heads up since this wasn’t doing that on the previous version (0.2.4, worked without a hitch). I’m also having the issues others have been reporting with the one word per line bug when I try to export it the way they were mentioning.ScrivCompProb.jpg

Okay, so fifteen minutes after I finally get this problem posted here, which I’ve been working on since I installed the new beta (so for a few days now), I figure it out :laughing: :blush: . I had the “Page break before” boxes checked in Scrivener (before the compile) and then asked the software in compile to insert a page break before floders that follow files. Apparently, telling the program both before it hits the compiler and in the compiler to confuses this version :unamused: . I’m not getting the one to two words per line problem anymore either. Scrivener makes me happy again :smiley: 8) . Now if we can just figure out why the reset trial button isn’t working (the days remaining on the trial don’t reset when I hit the button like they did before).